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For a better student-wellbeing. What do you want?

Heb jij wel eens last van eenzaamheid, stress of druk? Praat dan anoniem en gratis met een van onze buddy's.

Je stad ontdekken en tegelijk nieuwe mensen leren kennen of heb je gewoon zin in een korte babbel?

lezingen, interactieve
seminars en meet-ups met als onderwerp studentenwelzijn. Check de agenda voor de komende events!

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A bit of background information

Frisse Gedachtes is a student movement that wants to improve student well-being. It does that by offering three free services. Firstly, a chat platform on which students can chat anonymously with psychology students and experience experts. Secondly, it offers the possibility to be randomly linked to a fellow student in order to be able to take a walk together. Third, it organises events to make student-wellbeing more open to discussion.

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Very nice! I was able to tell my story here for the first time and that made me feel relieved.

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My buddy from Frisse Gedachtes listens without judging. I definitely recommend Frisse Gedachtes.

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My buddy listens very sincerely. This allowed me to talk openly about what I was dealing with.


You can choose which buddy you prefer to have contact with. You can talk to the same buddy for a long period of time, so you can build a deeper relationship. You can also switch buddies later.


All of our buddy's followed some trainings that we have selected. One of them, for example, is a training in active listening. 


You can remain completely anonymous, you do not have to provide any personal data about yourself.


Nice new initiative for students to talk to fellow students in difficult times, free and anonymously. As a clinical psychologist and a mother of two young adults, I regularly see that it can be difficult for young people to share emotional or social problems with friends or family. There is also a high barrier to seeking professional help from a general practitioner or a student psychologist. A live or chat conversation with a trained volunteer offers contact, a listening ear and a sounding board.

Prof. JB Prins, professor of Medical Psychology


Our partners

Boertien Vergouwen Overduin is the top agency in the field of training, education and coaching in the Netherlands. For example, they offer training programs in leadership and personal effectiveness. They support Frisse Gedachtes by guiding Sem, Sam and Thomas in a personal training program.

Affiliated Universities

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Register as a volunteer

On the right you can sign up to help us. We can use your help for different things. 

You can register if you are interested in being a buddy, want to help setting up Frisse Gedachtes in your own city, want to become a buddy supervisor, want to be invited to events, want to help the national board. 

Students are helping, because they want to bring student wellbeing to the attention, but also because we are a student movement that wants to do this together. Moreover it is a nice opportunity to combine all this with learning lots of new things.

Unfortunately we are not longer looking for buddy's from Rotterdam. 

If the form does not work well on your phone please click on this link:

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