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Fresh thoughts Nijmegen

On Thursday, May 23, Frisse Gedachtes is organizing a boot camp together with Open Boek Nijmegen.

Exercise can improve your sense of control, coping and self-esteem. People who exercise regularly often comment on how good achieving a goal can feel. In addition, it can distract you from negative thoughts and offers opportunities to try out new experiences.

Therefore, take part in our boot camp activity on Thursday, May 23 at 7:30 PM under the bridge at monument de oversteek. All levels are welcome!

Fresh thoughts Nijmegen

On May 16, Frisse Gedachtes is organizing an evening of theater in collaboration with Psychisch Gestoord Producties. 'Groeten uit de GGZ' is a performance about vague therapists, the tendency to diagnose everything, the fight against the chaos in your head and the search for who you are regardless of your psychological complaints.


'With the combination of humor and musical theater we give psychological problems a central place on stage. By highlighting related themes from different perspectives, we hope to open the conversation about mental well-being.”


May 16, 2024, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PMElinor Ostrom Building, Theater Hall C, Radboud UniversityHeyendaalseweg 141, 6525 AJ, Nijmegen

Contact us at (+31)621376471 or

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