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Refreshing innovation

Frisse Gedachtes is currently working on a refreshing innovation. We are saying goodbye to our Chat Platform and FG Connects.

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During the corona pandemic, many students fell into social isolation and online classes increased their study pressure. There was a need for social contact. To meet these student needs, FG Chat and FG connects were created. It is striking that times have changed and students have less need for online contact with each other. That is why Frisse Gedachtes will now mainly focus on connecting and supporting students in real life.


Frisse Gedachtes works on evidence-based and practical workshops based on the principles of positive psychology. Students learn tools to deal with feelings of stress, performance pressure and uncertainty.

She tries to connect students with each other by still organizing events. She is also currently developing an app. More about this soon!

Frisse gedachtes TEKST logo PNG_edited.png
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