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National Board

Thomas Bijl

External Relations


Due to corona I have noticed that many students are lonely and I am concerned about the increasing pressure to perform among young people. That is why I am committed to this foundation with passion and enthusiasm.

Katrien Karthaus

HR & Legal

  I hope that with Frisse Gedachtes, we can provide targeted solutions to improve the mental well-being of students, even if it's just by a little bit.

Ada Seitan Internationals


I want to make people aware of mental health and help them. As I see it, Frisse Gedachtes is all about people, the door is always open for everyone!

Floor Rohwer President


Student well-being has plummeted in recent years. Not only because of corona but also far before that. That's why I thought it was time to do my part and fight for better student well-being!

Thom van Os  

Public Relations


Due to my own difficulties during corona, I would like to give something back to the people around me. I want to make the mental health more discussable and make it more of the daily conversation

Mattijs van der Laan

The Chat


  Many students struggle with performance pressure, loneliness and social stress, but find it difficult to talk about this. My goal is to make sure it doesn't  is seen as weird when you seek help or talk about it.

Meet our team!

The ultimate goal is to enable every student in the Netherlands to
support with the low-threshold services that Frisse Gedachtes offers free of charge
offers students. To achieve this goal, we want
counter, draw attention to the high degree of performance pressure under
students and a safe place where this group feels at home. By the
Mapping out the needs of students and responding to them is Frisse
Thoughts are the organization that can make students' voices heard.

Knowing more? Read our full policy plan 2021-2022 here .

Local Boards


Meet the board of Eindhoven! Maud Boijmans, Lotte van 't Hullenaar, Saskia Kamps, Tessa de Jong and Franca Dijkmans!


Meet the board of Utrecht! Pien Kiliaan, Sofie Bauer, Martijn Hanloo, Trijntje Verschuuren, Sara Blauw, Cees van Rijckevoorsel van Kessel and Miluska van Rompu!



Help set up a local board in Amsterdam!


Help set up a local board in Tilburg!



Meet the board of Leiden! Caro van Goeverden, Lisa van Dijk, Ezra de Leeuw, Andy Fictoor, Amy Admiraal and Danique Pitlo!


Meet the Nijmegen board! From left to right there are:  Loes van Leeuwen!



Help set up a local board in Groningen!



Help set up a local board in Maastricht!



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The legal committee deals with all legal matters. This involves drafting contracts, privacy statements and statutes. The legal committee is currently staffed by Britta, Imme and Marlou!

Help us!

We are looking for students!

Would you like to join a local board or committee? Send us an email or fill in the form on the right.

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