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Other helplines
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Sharing your stories or venting helps. For example when you are in pain or worrying about something; when you feel alone or when you are happy.

Are you not comfortable in your own skin? Do you have problems at work, study or school? Are you not feeling well at home? The Everything Okay? Support Line offers support for everyone between the ages of 18 and 24.


Do you experience stress every day, feel constantly restless and can't find your 'off' button? With the mini-meditations (3-5 minutes) from Mindful Minuut, you create a moment of rest for yourself every day. Just 3 minutes of meditation a day can reduce stress, improve your sleep and increase concentration.  

Use the code 'FGSTUDENT20' now and receive a 20% student discount on all Mindful Minuut products!

Are you mentally stuck or worried about someone around you?  
Please contact MIND Korlatie for a one-time anonymous and free consultation with a professional. Don't keep walking around with it, but contact us. We are here for you too.

Knowledge base

The National Student Welfare Knowledge Bank is the central platform where research, practical examples and tips from education about student welfare come together. Goal: sharing knowledge and inspiring.

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